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Get Your Business Cards Done First

Busi­ness cards need to be first on your list when start­ing a busi­ness.  You need busi­ness cards so quickly because of the con­tacts you will be mak­ing as you setup your busi­ness.  These first con­tacts are not nec­es­sar­ily cus­tomers although they could be.  For exam­ple, you may decide you need an office.   How bet­ter to com­mu­ni­cate with a leas­ing agency or a office bro­ker than by giv­ing them a busi­ness card.   See fur­ther down where we dis­cuss what should be on your first busi­ness card (Yes, you will most likely go through at lease three revi­sions your first year in business).

What are some of the other groups that would get your busi­ness card quickly?  You will most likely be start­ing some mar­ket­ing mate­r­ial design.  Your ad agency or friend that does mar­ket­ing work would love to get your busi­ness card.  The first project they will want to sell you is design­ing your logo!  You can decide if that is some­thing that you want.

Most peo­ple start up a busi­ness after hav­ing left a pre­vi­ous job or shut­ting down a prior busi­ness.  This means you prob­a­bly have a great deal of con­tacts that you keep up with on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  You need to have a busi­ness card ready to hand out to these rela­tion­ships so that they can con­tact you.  You may also find these peo­ple are some of your best and ear­li­est refer­rals for work.

Finally, along the same class are your friends and acquan­ti­nces through church, chil­dren or other social set­tings.  Hav­ing a busi­ness card ready to hand out there will go a long ways towards estab­lish­ing your com­pany as viable and more than just a hobby.  You do not want to keep telling your friends that you are set­ting up a busi­ness.  You want to hand them a card and say this IS my new busi­ness.

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