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Never Forget the Balance

When busi­ness is flour­ish­ing and has high prof­its and cash flows, we tend to take more time for our­selves and our fam­ily.  Dur­ing these reces­sion times we tend to work long hours find­ing every way con­ceiv­able to increase busi­ness.  At these times we tend to for­get the other parts of life that give us bal­ance.  Fol­low­ing is a list of some activ­i­ties that should be prac­ticed reg­u­larly to keep your life in balance.

Spend­ing time with fam­ily and  friends, hold­ing civic posi­tions and char­ity work are all life bal­anc­ing activ­i­ties.  Read­ing, run­ning, camp­ing and yard work are all life bal­anc­ing activ­i­ties.   Sure, the time that you can spend enjoy­ing these has dimin­ished.  How­ever, that does not mean the bal­ance should be eliminated.

You set a sched­ule to sell your prod­uct and ser­vices — a lit­tle at a time.  Set the same type of sched­ule for your life events.  For exam­ple, spend 10 min­utes every morn­ing read­ing your favorite novel or work of non­fic­tion.  Be sure to spend time with your kids in the evenings before they go to bed.  Vol­un­teer for a char­ity posi­tion that only meets once per month.  Run or walk at least once on the week­ends and maybe a weekday.

All these things add bal­ance.  You knew this because they added bal­ance when the econ­omy was doing well.  The most impor­tant con­cept here is to set a sched­ule of activ­i­ties and stick to it.  You already do this with your work ethic — now be sure that trans­fers to the rest of your life.

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