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Take Some Time for Security

When we get busy we some­times foget the basics.  Now is good time to take a secu­rity inven­tory.  I am not just talk­ing about sys­tems secu­rity, but also per­sonal secu­rity.  Both are impor­tant and both have a large impact on your busi­ness.  Below we dis­cuss a vari­ety of things you can do.

For exam­ple, be sure that your will and life insur­ance are up to date.  Be sure your annual phys­i­cal is sched­uled.  You are under more stress now than nor­mal and these items add secu­rity to your busi­ness and your family.

Also, take some time to check your cross-training.  Be sure the peo­ple in your busi­ness can per­form more than on func­tion.  You never know when you have to down­size or when your employ­ees might decide to move and leave your employment.

Check your Gen­eral Lia­bil­ity and Workmen’s Com­pen­sa­tion insur­ance poli­cies.  Be sure that you are fully cov­ered in the event of a cat­a­stro­phe.  Make sure your esti­mated rev­enue amounts for your gen­eral lia­bil­ity insur­ance are still valid and do not need reduced.

Ensure your human resources files are up to date.  Make sure you are fol­low­ing all of your poli­cies.  Also make sure that you are track­ing time worked and time away from work accord­ing to your poli­cies.  It may even be a good time to con­sider revis­ing some policies.

There are many other projects that can be added to this list.  Be sure to take some plan­ning time to review the secu­rity of your busi­ness and your per­sonal life.  Noth­ing can be more dis­as­ter­ous than wish­ing you had got­ten it done.

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