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Act! — Entering Symbols in Documents

The Act! word proces­sor is ade­quate for many doc­u­ments that you might want to pro­duce. We use the Act! word proces­sor for all of our client let­ters, file memos, emails and other doc­u­ments. One of the harder items to fig­ure out in the Act! word proces­sor was inputting sym­bols, such as the sec­tion sym­bol (§). Here we show you how to input the most com­mon sym­bols and tell you how to fig­ure out the rest!

The trick is sim­ple and for those that use Microsoft Word, the trick is the same!  Each sym­bol has a four digit code asso­ci­ated with it.  For exam­ple, the § symbol’s code is 0167.  Note the lead­ing zero as it is part of the code!  Now, how is this code used to input the sym­bol into the word processor?

Use the Alt key on your key­board, typ­i­cally near the Shift key on the left.  Hold down the Alt key and then type the four digit num­ber code on the num­ber key­pad.  The num­bers at the top of the key­board will not work.  It must be the num­ber key­pad.  Then release the Alt key.  Remem­ber that the Alt key must be held the entire time!

Lap­top Note:  If you use a lap­top, you may need to press and hold the Alt key and then press and hold a func­tion key (Fn on some) and then type the code.  You have to be nim­ble, but it can be done!

That’s all there is to it!  Below we have listed some of the most com­mon sym­bols and there four digit codes.

  • £ 0163
  • § 0167
  • © 0169
  • ® 0174
  • ° 0176
  • ± 0177
  • ¶ 0182
  • ¿ 0191
  • ÷ 0247

Let us know if you find any other secrets!

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