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Act! — Report Writer — Guid Error Message

Ok, so you have been work­ing all morn­ing on that cus­tom report for Act! and then you get an error that destroys all that work.  The error says Guid should con­tain 32 dig­its with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).  How do you fix the error and continue?

The error should only show up on that one report.  The good news is it should be fix­able, the bad news — kind of tech­ni­cal.  If you do not feel com­fort­able with edit­ing an xml file and make­ing backup copies of files, then you should not attempt this fix!  Email me on our con­tact page and we can fix the prob­lem for an hourly fee.

All report files for Act! (ver­sion 2009 and less) are xml files.  Find your data direc­tory and drill down to the report files direc­tory.  Find the report and make a copy of it in case our edits destroy the inte­grety of the file.  Then, open the trou­ble­some file in a text or xml editor.

Look for a line that looks sim­i­lar to the fol­low­ing code:


The items between the <Fil­ter> tag limit the report to a sin­gle con­tact and this is prob­a­bly what is caus­ing the error.  Delete the con­tents between the <Fil­ter> tags and the tags them­selves.  Save the file and try it.  If it still crashes, look for other sim­i­lar lines.  If it totally bombs, reso­tore the copy you made and start trou­bleshoot­ing over.

This error typ­i­cally hap­pens with a mul­ti­tude of edit­ing and pre­view­ing in a rel­a­tively short period of time.  Good luck!

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