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Business Licenses and Registrations Galore!

Set­ting up a new busi­ness or even adding to a new busi­ness has enough pit­falls with­out for­get­ting to reg­is­ter for the right busi­ness licenses.  This post isn’t meant to be a list of every type of busi­ness license needed, but rather a sim­ple check­list to be sure that you’ve remem­bered to think about what you need.

Some busi­ness licenses you can­not read­ily obtain until your com­pany is cre­ated.  We’ve tried to cre­ate this list in the order you might obtain the licenses.  Print this page out and us it for your startup.  Also remem­ber that we have sev­eral links on the side that take you to the gov­ern­men­tal web sites.

  • [ ] File with your state pro­fes­sional licens­ing board (many of these types of boards will have require­ments to file with the sec­re­tary of state and some even file for you)
  • [ ] File arti­cles of incor­po­ra­tion with the North Car­olina Sec­re­tary of State (you will obtain your SOSID, Sec­re­taryof State ID, with your filing)
  • [ ] File with any national boards asso­ci­ated with your pro­fes­sion (many require filed arti­cles of incor­po­ra­tion for this)
  • [ ] Obtain an EIN with the IRS
  • [ ] Obtain any state pay­roll tax id’s if you will have employ­ees and pay­roll (you will need an unem­ploy­ment account to begin contributions)
  • [ ] Deter­mine if you need any state or county level licenses
  • [ ] File for a local busi­ness license in the town­ship your office is located in (many require a min­i­mum fee of $50 or so when you open the doors even if you have no rev­enue yet).
  • [ ] File for any out of state licenses needed (if you per­form work in South Car­olina, for exam­ple, you may need a license in the state of South Car­olina to oper­ate there).

Check with your attor­ney as dif­fer­ent busi­ness require dif­fer­ent out of state licenses.  It also depends on where you do the work.  You may find you will need to file with the Sec­re­tary of State for the states you do busi­ness in so that you can file an appro­pri­ate state tax return.

You can always call a licens­ing board to ask ques­tions.  They are help­ful and can fre­quently tell you what you need to know.

Remem­ber set­ting up a sep­a­rate entity as a sub­sidiary is the same as set­ting up a new busi­ness and you need to com­ply with your state and local licens­ing requirements!

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