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OpenOffice 3.1 Released

A new ver­sion of OpenOf­fice has been released with a  vari­ety of enhance­ments you may need.  OpenOf­fice is now at ver­sion 3.1 and con­tin­ues to pro­vide read and write capa­bil­i­ties of Microsoft Office files.  Given that OpenOf­fice is free to down­load and use, your small busi­ness can save con­sid­er­able amounts of money get­ting started.

Accord­ing to eWeek’s June 1, 2009 edi­tion, Open office pro­vided some sever per­for­mance boosts in large cal­cu­la­tions for the spread­sheet appli­ca­tion called ‘calc’.  They also indi­cated that the pre­sen­ta­tion pro­gram, ‘impress’, has now pro­vided smooth graph­ics pre­sen­ta­tions with no more jagged borders.

eWeek also showed us a new fea­ture in the word proces­sor, “writer’.  OpenOf­fice now has the abil­ity to not only leave com­ments in the doc­u­ment which appear on the side mar­gins like Microsoft has long done, but a user can reply to a com­ment left from Microsoft Word.  This means you can truly use Microsoft gen­er­ated doc­u­ments in a col­lab­o­ra­tive sense.  While Word can­not reply to an OpenOf­fice com­ment, Word users can leave another com­ment and start the process again.

Sup­pos­edly the file lock­ing process has also been improved.  This becomes impor­tant in a multi-user sce­nario where files are stored on a net­work server and accessed by more than one per­son.  The lock­ing process helps pre­vent the same file being open by two sep­a­rate users for editing.

We have already upgraded and have not seen any neg­a­tive issues.  We encour­age you to con­sider using OpenOf­fice and look for your self.

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