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Alternative Personal Notes

I am a HUGE fan of the per­sonal, hand­writ­ten note.  I believe that the time taken for any note that is hand­writ­ten shows the recip­i­ent how impor­tant they are.  While my opin­ion hasn’t changed, I have found a ser­vice that I may use to replace some of my typed and hand­writ­ten notes.

Imag­ine receiv­ing an enve­lope with a stamp affixed at the top and a nor­mal post mark — not a bulk mail post­mark.  Imag­ine that the enve­lope has your name and address in what looks like my hand­writ­ing.  You look closer and real­ize it was printed by a printer, but it sure looks like my hand­writ­ing  (you’ve received hand­writ­ten notes from me before).  You open up the enve­lope and pull out a card that eas­ily could have come from Tar­get or Wal­Mart.  Imag­ine open­ing the card and read­ing a note from me in my hand­writ­ing and with my sig­na­ture.  You see again that it was printed by a printer, but it looks like I wrote it when you hold it back.

sendoutcardsThis isn’t fan­tasy — this is real.  There are some upfront costs for this ser­vice and I said I still believe in the hand­writ­ten note.  How­ever, there are clearly some great appli­ca­tions for this type of ser­vice.  You can login, type a quick card and send it in less than five min­utes.  Your recip­i­ent will get a per­sonal card like I described above at a cost that is less than a typ­i­cal card at the store.

Take a look at Send­Out­Cards.  While Send­Out­Cards allows mem­bers to profit from sign­ing up new cus­tomers, we have decided not to adver­tise in that man­ner here to keep with our tra­di­tion of pro­vid­ing qual­ity information.

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