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Not Just Financial Planning …

Most peo­ple believe a CPA is only to help with finan­cial plan­ning. How­ever, we also help man­age risk. You have risks you prob­a­bly haven’t though about. Even if you aren’t self employed, have you thought about what hap­pens if you or your spouse sud­denly becomes deceased? Ok, so the answer is yes, you have a will. That’s not what I’m talk­ing about and it prob­a­bly means you have a risk you haven’t pre­pared for.

Do you have a home com­puter with all your impor­tant doc­u­ments scanned? If you are like me, you love that Neat Receipts Scan­ner and now you scan those papers in and throw them out! So here’s my ques­tion — who knows your pass­word and can get access to those doc­u­ments? “No one!” you say? Then how will some­one help take care of your estate, or worse, your chil­dren? You need to have a plan in place for an execu­tor or trustee to get access to your elec­tronic stash of impor­tant documents.

More impor­tantly for e small busi­ness owner, what is that pass­word for the server? What is that pass­word for the Quick­books or account­ing pack­age? If a sig­nif­i­cant asset in your estate is a pri­vate busi­ness, you don’t want to lose the value if no one can con­tinue to run the busi­ness when you are gone.

No more are the days of going through someone’s files or book­case look­ing for life poli­cies, bank state­ments and pass­words. Every­thing is becom­ing more and more elec­tronic and the risks are increasing.

If you haven’t addressed that risk, then con­tact us and let us help you. Your fam­ily will be glad you did.

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by David Kno­ble, CPA, PLLC
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