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openoffice230x80OpenOf­fice has been around for a long time although with the last release, it has gained sig­nif­i­cant ground in com­pet­ing with Microsoft.  Although OpenOf­fice doesn’t have all the bells and whis­tles that the $500 to $1,000 com­peti­tor does, OpenOf­fice does have many you might expect to pay for.

OpenOf­fice is what is termed open source mean­ing the code is avail­able to any­one to con­tribute devel­op­ment and the result­ing soft­ware is free for down­load­ing and use.  The soft­ware evolves as the pro­gram­ming pub­lic has time to vol­un­teer for the work.  While you might think that this slows down the devel­op­ment, in the end, it can develop a bet­ter prod­uct. Most con­trib­u­tors don’t waste time adding things because ‘mar­ket­ing’ told them to.  Most con­trib­u­tors are adding items because they are needed or wanted by the com­mu­nity in general.

OpenOf­fice has these traits with an included word proces­sor, spread­sheet pro­gram, pre­sen­ta­tion pro­gram and data­base that all read and write Microsoft for­mats.  The spread­sheet pro­gram has data base func­tions for a table of infor­ma­tion, graph­ing and even con­di­tional for­mat­ting of cells.  The word proces­sor has styles, lists and even com­ments that show up on the side of the mar­gins for review.  The pre­se­n­a­tion soft­ware just got over­hauled and has much high­ger qual­ity graph­ics capa­bil­i­ties.  The ver­sion at the time of this writ­ing (3.1) also has over­hauled net­work lock­ing to pre­vent over­writ­ing of files in use on a shared network.

And did I already say that it was free? With the wealth of fea­tures, reg­u­lar updates, abil­ity to use Micros0ft files and the super pric­etag, why not use it?  A small busi­ness can save thou­sands of dol­lars by imple­ment­ing this soft­ware over Microsoft.

I urge you to take  a look.

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